Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Doctoer WHO?

Sooo...sorry about the recent blogger silence (is that what it's called?) As you might have guessed, things have been rather busy around the house and I guess I just haven't had much time to post. Any-whoo, as I have recently become hooked on the TV show Doctor Who I thought I'd give him a post...
The storyline: Doctor who is the last of his kind, a timelord traveling through space and time.  Every few seasons he changes his body, but keeps all the information of his previous selves.  Each time he regenerates (or so we'll call it) his time machine (oh yeah, he's a time traveler...) changes and he gets a new companion (a human who accompanies him on his adventures). 
I don't know how interesting that sounds to you, but as you might have noticed, I am not the best summarizer in the world.  Really it's super interesting (don't look at me like that, it is).  Basically it's him going on (usually) rather spooky adventures, a couple of which will scare the...scarableness...out of you. 

I suggest starting at the beginning of David Tennant's seasons--he's the eleventh doctor (there will be thirteen total)...that was when it started to get really good--before that it was a little awful and cheesy :)

Pictures to follow!!

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