Thursday, August 2, 2012


No, I didn't get trapped in an earthquake or fall off a cliff, I've just been a bad blogger an neglected my peoples.

So much to talk about!  Where can I start?  Spiderman? (good) Batman? (better)  Road trip? Other road trip?  The Lizzy Bennett Diaries? (go check 'em out on youtube!)  The Olympics? (exciting!) I just don't know!  Somehow, I managed to have lost my brain wait! I remember! I flushed it down the toilet the other day, when yet another kid came to me saying they threw up...oh dear.

I did have a brilliant idea...I'm going to start a new and improved blog with two of my organized friends...It'll be super duper...stay tuned for the link...I'll pass it along just as soon as I get my mind back

Rae DeLa Brainless

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