Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Avengers

So I know it's a little late (I mean, I actually saw Avengers two weeks ago...), but I have a big urge to post on...the Avengers! (surprised you there, didn't I?)
As I said, I saw it a few weeks ago when it first came out, so memories aren't quite as clear as I'd like, but I believe my overall sense was WOW!  First of all, I have admit that, yes, I am one of those die hard Tom Hiddleston, but I even enjoyed the parts that he wasn't in too :)

The plot: A group of superheroes is collected to fight the evil (and wonderful) Loki who is coming to dominate the Earth...unfortunately the team can't get along. Will they be able to conquer their differences to fight evil in the World? (Sorry--that's probably the most unappealing sounding movie plot in the World, but actually it was super good)

The Villain:

                                          Loki, "King of Asgard", and consequently...the bad guy.

 The Avengers:
                                                            His brother Thor (also a hottie :)

 Iron Man of the snarky comebacks and awesome suit...also a hottie...i think I'm starting to see a pattern here... :) oh yeah--and he actually was looking out for someone besides himself which was awesome!

Black Widow.  that's right girl--stick out you chest as much as possible...sorry, I guess I'm just a little judgemental...I am a girl after all :)  She was the general kick-butt girl that every movie has to have to hit it big in the box offices...


Dr. Bruce Banner...aka "the other guy" aka HULK.  Mark Ruffalo was really sweet and the animation was pretty good...
from this 
Hawkeye with his super bow and arrow.  Here's where we start heading downhill looks-wise...or maybe I'm just spoiled looking at all the previous hunkie-poo's :)

Captain America...I guess he's cute, he's just so...good? I don't know...he was actually fine, don't get me wrong...he's just sorta "holier than thou-ish"

The Sidekick peoples:

Nick Fury...I don't especially feel either way about this guy...I guess he's epic and all...
Agent Phil Coulsen...yes he even gets a first name in this one *SPOILER* RIP Agent Coulsen, ...superhero flicks won't be the same without you... *sniff,sniff*                        

All in all, I really enjoyed sappy "bad guy stole my girfreind, so now i must destroy the earth ine exchange for getting her back" good actors were present, and fun Iron Man proves himself to be a real man(!)

8.5 stars,

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