Monday, May 28, 2012

Out of Sight, Out of Time honest-to-goodness book review!  When was the last time I did one of those, huh?

I think i've posted about the Gallagher Girl series before, but the fifth installment of the series has just ariived, so I figured you might want to hear my thoughts.

To all you newcomers, the Gallagher Girl series is a set of books about an all girls academy...sounds boring?  Exept that the academy just happens to be a spy school.  Yup.  As in SPY school.  Right??  Any-whoo, so the stories revolve mainly around Cammie Morgan as she is the daughter of the Headmistress and all, but it also contains her rommates and bff's Liz, supergenius extrordinare, Bex (or Elizabeth if you're mad at her) the crazy adventerous of the trio plus one, and Macey, multi-millionare (billionare?) who's all about fashion, boys and, oh yeah, spying.  not to mention the cutie next door, Josh, and guy-spy Zach Goodman (residant hottie) along with his (is it possible?) even hotter teacher Joe Soloman, aks "Double-oh-hottie"  (No I am not making this up :) Overall, a light, but exciting read that once yoyu start you won't be able to put it down.

                                                       Now. To the book itself...

Okay, so that was longer than I was hoping, but basically Spy school, and it's all following them on theor adventueres.. Well this one was sorta different.  First off, Cammie doesn't remember the past three months of her life for most of the book, and instead of spending all her time at school, she actually leaves to go. Elsewhere.  The mystery of her dad is...resolved, and she and her guy-spy's relationship sort of solitifiees. Sort of.

Overall, it was pretty good, though it did seem she was mainly trying to set up a sequel and she did leave a few questions unanswered, hopefully to be resolved by the end of her series.  I'd give it a B+/A-

Let me know what you thougth about the books and my reviewing!

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