Sunday, March 25, 2012


Just quickly throwing out a list of some of my favorite books for all you people who want to catch up on reading in your spare time (not that  really have any, but you might...)

Starting off with my favorite series'...

~ A series of Fairy-tales retold in the modern world!
.Shadow of the Bear (cute and fun) <-- Snow White and Rose Red
.Black as Night (slow, but persevere!!) <--Sleeping Beauty/Snow White
.Waking Rose (my personal fav)<--Sleeping Beauty/Rose Red
.Midnight Dancers (get parent permission to read this one!!) <--12 dancing princesses
.Alex O'Donnell and the Forty Cyber-theives (not her best, but still good) <--Ali Baba and the forty Theivs

~Definitely one of my faves!! mre action than romance, but still a little bit of the latter :P
.The Thief (not too great, but it introduces the characters)
.Queen of Attolia (absolutely stupendous)
King of Attolia (same)

~ Another series of retold fairy-tales, this one by many different authors...these are all part of a series called Once Upon A Time, my favorite being The Crimson Thread

~ Yet another set of retold fairy-tales :P
.The Goose Girl (very nice...slightly younger)
. Enna Burning (a little more action and romance)
. River Secrets (by far the funniest)
.Forrest Born (a little random...not as good as the others)

~The Alex Rider and Artemis Fowl series' are both fun action/boy genius type reads, and good to read if you like that kind of thing.  If you do the Artemis Fowl series, I suggest getting them out on CD-the narrater is great and adds a whole new dimension to the books.

I have to go now, but I'll post on individual books the moment, you should have enough to keep you reading for a long time.


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