Saturday, March 10, 2012

my first BOOK post

wow...I think this might actually be my first post on a book!!

My dad has re-picked up the tradition of reading aloud to us at night, something we haven't done in years, and we started off our reading with a book called The Little world of Don Camilo...the first of many great books.

even though I tend to lean towards suspence or (yup) cheesy romance (what can I say...I am a girl :), I really enjoy this series.  It is the story of a priest (Don camilo) and his adversary, the communist mayor Pepponi who go through a constant love-hate relationship (not in a gay way, just to be clear).
Don Camilo is not your average priest, and is known throughout his land for his big fists and legendary aim with a rifle, while Pepponi comes in a close second for his own well-known right hand, and a tendancy to not put up with any crap someone might throw at him.

though these stories are written by concentration camp survivor Giovanni Gaureschi, they are completely kid friendly...I grew up on them, and turned out...well, okay, I'm pretty odd, but I don't think it's because of these books...actually, I would suggest reading then to your kids or siblings...they are filled with beautiful messages of love without being preachy, and have me laughing out loud whenever I hear them.

movies have been made, starring "Fernandel" or some such thing,(actually, I'm not quite sure if this is his name...we just called him "the horseface from the Bob Hope movie")...Really, I wouldn't recommend the movie unless you speak fluent Italian (which I don't, so instead I pulled of very annoying subtitles...which I wouldn't recommend doing :)

see what I mean about the horse face?

Are there any books you'd like me to review? Let me know in the comments!

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