Saturday, March 24, 2012

One of my great guy-freinds recently wrote this lovely tale...his first shot at fairy tales... :P

Who Doesn't Like A Fairy Tale?

Hello All,
At the request of many, I have decided to try and bring this blog back to life and start posting more often.  With that being, any writer will tell you that it is much easier to write when you are getting feedback and ideas from your audience.  This was a large part for me tapering off last time.  I found that while I was getting the hits I wanted, I wasn't getting anything else, which made it hard to convince myself to go on.  Still, I find that I have missed writing here and apparently there are quite a few other folks as well who have missed seeing new posts.  So, if you read something here that you enjoy or you'd flat-out just like to do a favor, please feel free to pass this blog onto others.  

Now that that's out of the way.

A little while ago, a friend was asking me to write her a short little story.  Eventually giving in, I went over to the... Well, we all know where to go for the best inspiration.  Anyway, I began typing and a few ideas just fell into place.  In a bit I had this.  It's not much, but in writing it I got a bit of an inspiration and if I ever get of this couch I may turn it into something much better.

And so, without further ado I present the story without any title because something like that didn't seem terribly necessary.

Long ago, in a muddy little pond, in the land of Prystonia, there lived a monster who struck fear into all the villagers. In exchange for their temporary safety, the savage beast demanded a ransom of one male per day in order for the land to remain unharmed.  And so, every day, a young gentleman of the land would try his hand at defeating the menace, and everyday another woman became a widow.  There was little hope for the terrorized people, but one day a humble and plain prince showed up at the king’s palace, offering to kill the monster in return for the hand of the princess Eileen. While he was not terribly handsome, the princess immediately fell in love with the worthy prince, and because she loved him so, she feared for his life and tried to convince him not to go. The prince, however, refused to live in a land held hostage by so vile a creature and could not be convinced to avoid the fight. He told the king he would need a week to refresh his skill with the sword. As the days passed, the princess Eileen secretly watched her humble prince practice with increasing awe. He was masterful with a sword and flawless in his technique.  After watching him, she knew that he was the savior of the town. When the week came to a close all the land moaned for the prince as he was to be the next king. Only the Princess Eileen knew that this man was much more than met the eye.  As he rode off to the muddy swamp she knew that he would save the village from sure death.  Leaving the village, the prince was given many gifts, but refused them, telling the people, rather, to pray that he would free the village so that they may all be happy later. After riding the trail for an hour he came to the place where the monster awaited him.
"I have heard that you have come from a far land to save this people!" roared the despicable creature. "I can assure you that like all the others you will fall!" The humble price replied with a soft and steady voice:
"I am ready to fight you. If you feel must win then so be it. Let us begin." With a sudden roar, the monster emerged from the slime and ate the prince with one bite.  The next day, another wife became another widow. 

~~~ Life isn’t a fairy tale and neither is this ~~~

Ok, yeah that was a weird ending and I'm not quite sure why I ended like that, but hey, I kinda like it.

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