Friday, March 2, 2012

really not so bad after all :)

okay, so I know I just posted about ten seconds ago, but I need to do this, because really my life isn't so bad, and I hate leaving people with an angry (or fuwustawated)  view of my life.  I have a (usually) great family, who let me just hang out outside for half an hour...without any little kids tagging along!!!  In case you aren't from a big family (eight kids to be specific) you may not realize what a rare blessing this is, and may think I'm being ridiculous, but really... they are good to me :)

Another lovely high point in my life is that I finally read the Hunger Games, and as soon as I finished it, I got invited to opening night midnight showing which I am super excited about!!

also... well, i guess that's about it for the moment, because my mom just came in and said she wanted the computer, but basically, my life really isn't that bad, even if some certain somebodies keep trying to get me sucked in to the vampire genre...


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