Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The 1950's in all it's glory

  Not too long ago, I was at a themed party where everyone came dressed up as a character from the Jane Austen era, and we all ate "tea and crumpets" (not tea and strumpets as my sister used to say).  one of my friends mentioned that her favorite era was the Victorian one, and my first thought was "heck no, mine's the fifties!".  A friend later told me that usually those two eras don't appear in the same sentence, but regardless of this probably true fact, what I said still goes. Apparently, not many people my age share my views on this, but I would still like to shoot out a post in honor of the fifties...

The music...so sweet and simple, my favorite being a song by the times titled "So Much in Love"
(okay, this was '63, was it was 50's inspired)

50's styles...so cute

innocence...everyone was just so...innocent.  why can't we go back to a purer way of life??

typewriters...I don't know if these are really 50's, but I connect the two in my mind

drive in movies...so cute!

50's diners...i want to work at one of these...cool cars, roller blade waitresses, jukeboxes

sock-hops...i want to go to one of these

I couldn't find a good picture, but this is cute too :)

And last, but definitely not least, some of the beautiful faces of the fifties...

I hope you at least have a slight intrest in the ffties, and if not...I tried!

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